It’s The Holidays. Ready for Coffee Gear Shopping?

coffee gear shopping

Ah, the holidays! Time for coffee gear shopping!

[Queuing Obligatory Andy Williams…]

So, let me tell you a little holiday story.
Once there was a guy. Let’s call him Wesley.
Wesley loved his friends. He wanted to get them nice things for the holidays.
But Wesley was a procrastinator.
So, it’s the day before Hanukkah. (It’s almost two weeks before Christmas this year.) He realizes that he doesn’t have gifts for anyone.
Wesley loves to research gifts before buying anything. (He’s cheap and risk averse). He doesn’t have any time. So, he needs a couple of websites with all the info to make him feel confident about his purchases.
The End.
Ok, bad story. But it sets up what I want you to know.
I met someone yesterday who has got your back when it comes to coffee makers and products.
I’d like you to meet Bryan! He’s the brains behind The Coffee Maven, which is a great website. If you are looking for the best coffee maker for a gift, then his Buyer’s Guides have what you need.
So, head over to his site and check out his guides, how-to’s and reviews. The site packs great coffee information in every corner to help you with your research.
Don’t be like Wesley. Go there now!

Happy Shopping and Happy Sipping!



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