Coffee Mug Hacks You Need to Know

There’s nothing better than a steaming hot cup of coffee. Unless steaming isn’t your thing. In fact plenty of people like their coffee at room temp. Some like it “law suit hot.” Others, like the little wandering blonde from story-land, like it “just right.” (On a side note, why are children wandering alone in the woods in fairy tales?)

Well, if you’re not satisfied with the temperature of your coffee in the morning, here are a few hacks to help.

1. Preheat your mug…or don’t!


For the quick sippers (that includes me), never pour hot coffee into a room temp mug. If you like your coffee on the hot side, “priming it” will keep the mug from stealing the heat of the coffee.

Of course if you want your coffee a little cooler, then don’t preheat your mug. Your ceramic mug will rob the coffee of some of its heat and continue to cool it off faster.

Also, for either preference, remember: the thicker the mug, the more heat it will rob.

2. Preheat your thermal travel mug…or don’t!


For the slow-and-steady coffee drinker, never pour hot coffee into a thermal mug at room temp! Most stainless steel thermals will suck heat away faster than ceramic. Make sure you preheat with hot water. This way the coffee starts off hot and, in your thermal, will stay that way. This buys you plenty of time to sip away.

Now, if you want your coffee at or a bit above room temp, pre-cool your thermal in the fridge. Don’t try this with a ceramic or glass mug! The stainless steel can take the fast heat expansion. Glassware just might shatter! Once you’ve found your ideal formula of pre-cooling time to coffee temp, make note of it. This way you can enjoy the same result every morning for as long as it takes you to finish that lukewarm beverage. (Can you tell I wouldn’t do it?)

3. Use a paper cup.


Finally, for you daredevils that like your coffee hotter than the hinges of hell, try a paper cup. Yep. A paper cup.

Think about it. Paper is thin. It allows for a small amount of heat transfer. It won’t rob heat, so it will let you taste your coffee at the hottest temperature possible.

Of course, this is the chosen vessel of coffee suppliers that print warnings on the side. Warnings that state the obvious. Coffee this hot can burn the crap out of you. Caveat Bibitor. Let the drinker beware!

Well, I hope this has been helpful. Got any other coffee mug hacks? Post them below!

Happy Sipping!


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