Friday Coffee Minute: Nov. 16 – Tinto’s Coffee House

Tinto's Coffee House Logo

For this week’s Friday Coffee Minute, I want to tell you about Tinto’s Coffee House.

tinto's coffee house storefront


If you live anywhere near Kennesaw, GA … you’ve got to go to this place!

They offer wonderful specialty coffee. Normally a third wave coffee house would have several offerings that span the globe. But that’s what makes Tinto’s very unique. It’s all direct trade, specialty grade, Colombian coffee. Yep. No other origins, solamente cafĂ© de Colombia!

How unique!

Seeing that the hosts of this wonderful place are a Colombian family, that only makes sense! Their passion for their country and its marvelous coffees makes this coffee house truly special.

They greeted me with the kind of hospitality you would normally expect from a warm, Latin culture. I was guided to an Americano (insert irony). And, let me tell you folks:

It was one of the best, most balanced Americanos that I’ve ever had in my life!

The roast level of the coffee was definitely into Full City territory. Normally, I’d be on the fence about a full medium roast, but their house blend is perfect for espresso! The nuttiness of the initial flavor washes over slight chocolate notes. But the money??? The finish! Clean and citrusy. Surprisingly citrusy! Truly one of the best espresso blends I’ve ever had the pleasure to taste.

There were several single origin coffees to try as well, but I’ll have to save that for another time.

The long and short? The place is cozy. The people are wonderful. The coffee is OUT of SIGHT.


Can’t? Too far?

Plan a trip. Or bear it in mind if you’re ever traveling along the I-75 corridor and you see signs for the Chastain Road exit:

Kennesaw, Georgia

You won’t regret stopping in, grabbing a coffee, and enjoying some heartwarming hospitality.

Tinto's Coffee House Cup
You’ve got to go!

Happy Sipping,


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