Creamer Anxiety? Don’t Be Afraid to Dress Up Your Coffee


Question: “Is it okay to put creamer and sweetener in my coffee if I’m in a ‘high-end’ coffee shop”?

I’m a coffee purist. All my friends know this. But let me surprise you with something. As far as I’m concerned what you do with your java is your business.
Seems like people are usually afraid to put cream or sugar (or heaven forbid…artificial creamer!!!) in the coffee I make and serve them. But it doesn’t hurt my feelings. 
It also makes me wonder, “Do these folks feel bad when they go to a fancy coffee shop and order a “modified drink”? 
Well, I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t worry a bit! According to The National Coffee Blog, people will change their coffee-based drinks. Well, that’s not news!
In fact, they go further:
“customization is now an essential part of the coffee experience — a fundamental or basic need and no longer an enhanced need, as confirmed by research from S&D Coffee & Tea and Datassential.”
It seems that coffee customization is now “fundamental.” And the same report encourages shop owners with the following insight: 
“Based on current trends, one could argue that what happens at a condiment station is nearly as important as what happens behind the counter.”
How you drink your coffee is an expression of your personal tastes – even of your personality. 
And, for all you out there that like charts and stuff, check this out!

creamer vs not

sweetener vs no

According to this data, over half of you out there in coffee land like to dress up your brew with some type of cream. Good for you! Half of you use some type of sweetener. And over a third of you use both!
As a result of these insights, go ahead and order your joe the way you want to – no matter how fancy the shop! If the owner or barista doesn’t support you, don’t sweat it! They are the ones missing out on an important cultural value in the coffee industry.

Happy Sipping!

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