Friday Coffee Minute: Nov. 30 – Awesome Coffee

iridescent = awesome coffee

Boy, do I love awesome coffee! This year’s holiday offering from Counter Culture definitely fits this category. Let me go over a couple of its points of greatness.

First, the packaging is great. That’s a plus. Yes, it’s nice to look at, but it’s also appealing as a gift. It has a wow factor when you wrap it up and hand deliver it to a friend, loved one, or a client!

Next, the flavor is spot on! Holiday foods are rich. So you need a coffee that will resonate with the chocolate, cream, berries, and sugar – oh my! This one will do the trick. It’s rich in its own way with a berrylike acidity that cuts through the mix. Yep, it’s like a dance beat with a nice electronic pulse on top!

Last, it’s from Counter Culture. Yep, I’m a fanboy. I can’t help it. I like supporting them, and I enjoy the fact that buying a box of Iridescent helps to support farmers directly! Go here to read more about Iridescent coffee from Counter Culture!

Well, hope you enjoyed that!

Happy Sipping!


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