4 Mistakes You Should Never Make With Coffee

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Errare humanum est. – Seneca

Making mistakes is part of life. But Seneca once said, “To mess up is human, but to keep making the same mistake is just plain stupid.” Ok…he didn’t exactly say that. But he said something close.

Here are a few mistakes you might be making with your coffee. So, I’m going to say these two words to you… ready? Stop it!

  1. coffee mistakes imageDo you keep your coffee in the freezer? Stop it! The freezer is a terrible place to store coffee! The refrigerator is worse, but the freezer is still bad. Ever heard of freezer funk? No Bueno! Unless you are going to take extra precautions about storage, keeping coffee in the ice box can flat ruin a bean.
  2. coffee mistakes imageDo you drink dark roasts to wake you up because they’re “stronger”? Stop it! Most folks associate a strong flavor with a strong coffee. (Strong coffee equalling more caffeine in this case.) But light roasted coffee actually contains a tiny bit more caffeine than a dark roast. And more caffeine means more “wakey wakey.”
  3. coffee mistakes imageDo you drink coffee without drinking water afterward? Stop it! You should aim for 8 ounces of water to every 6 ounces of coffee. Coffee is a natural diuretic and can dehydrate you! Sure it’s about 98.75% water, but that 1.25% of coffee is powerful stuff! Do yourself a favor and get a 16 oz. bottle of water to go whenever you take a 12 oz. cup of coffee for the road. Your body will thank you.
  4. coffee mistakes imageDo you collect coffees and leave them lying around for months at a time? Stop it! Coffee is a cooked product, and it can go stale. Fresh-Roasted coffee has an ideal shelf life of 4 weeks – 6 at the most after opening! So, use your coffee quickly after opening the bag, and seal it in an air-tight container in between uses. And what about that bag of supermarket brand, pre-ground brown stuff on the shelf? How long has it been there? When was it roasted? And they want how much for it???

How many mistakes have you been making? It’s time to take control of your life – and your coffee.

Just stop it!

Well, now that you’ve heard from me. Let’s hear from you!

What other coffee mistakes have you made in the past?

Happy Sipping!


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